Youth Karate



13 to 16 Years of age

Studies show that teenagers need around 60 minutes of fairly intense exercise per day. Unfortunately they are also getting accustomed to spending far more amount of time in front of various media such as TV, video games or the internet etc. As children they were probably little bundles of energy, but now they are tired and a little sluggish more often than not.

Our Youth Karate Program factors in the social and academic pressures that they perceive along with some emotional and physical changes too. Some of the benefits for teens include:

·      Maintaining a healthy weight and increasing energy levels

·      Young adults who maintain an active lifestyle through their teens are more likely to continue this habit into adulthood.

·      Informative interesting classes maintain interest and increase confidence

·      Reduction of stress, anxiety and depression that is common with teenagers today.

·     Development of skills that they will keep for life as the teen years are the most important for motor skill development

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So what do we do?

The Youth Karate program extends on from our children's programs and addresses the needs and learning styles of our teenage members 13 to 16 years. The skills and drills encompass all of the skills required in the adult program but are delivered somewhat differently. We focus a lot on basic exercise technique to prevent injuries in the long term and create a solid foundation for the future. Also we use a little more sport application games and drills to maintain a higher heart rate while having fun and learning basic self defence skills. These self defence skills are tailored towards giving each young adult skill in areas such as

·         Spotting and avoiding trouble,

·        Communicating effectively to defusing conflict situations before they get out of hand, and

·         Effective physical techniques and skills as a last resort.

Although this is a karate based program, we also include non-striking options and have incorporated hugely effective non striking grappling principles into our classes. The non-striking option is important when you consider that most schools today have zero tolerance to fighting policy.
On the surface this is a good thing in response to bullies, however it also means that a child could be punished or even expelled for defending themselves from violence and bullies!





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