Youth Karate



Youth Karate

13 to 16 Years of age Youth Karate discipline

The Youth Karate program extends on from the Red Dragon's and addresses the needs and learning style of our teenage members. The skills and drills encompass all of the skills required in the adult program but are delivered somewhat differently. This program was designed specifically for early teens between the ages 13-16 years and, whilst the Youth Karate program encourages self-discipline and self-control our goal is also in teaching many important life skills to students with focuses on effective self defence.
These self defence skills are tailored towards giving each young adult skills to spot and avoid trouble, communicate effectively to defuse conflict situations before they get out of hand, and effective physical techniques and skills as a last resort.
Although this is a karate based program, we also include non-striking options and have incorporated the hugely effective Gracie Combatives program into our classes. The non-striking option is important when you consider that most schools today have zero tolerance to fighting policy.
On the surface this is a good thing in response to bullies, however it also means that a child could be punished or even expelled for defending themselves from violence and bullies!
Once again we utilise the excellent Powerful words program from Dr. Robyn
Silverman to initiate discussions with our students about a variety of life skills.
This program enables our 12 year old Red Dragon's graduates to transition to the more difficult and complex adult skills and concepts, whilst also addressing the needs of newly entering teenage students. 




Youth Karate SparringYouth Grappling as a control option


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